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Through a unique network of business professionals and successful businesses across various industries, supported by Weidhertz’ internal resources we are able to provide insight and analyses of the business mechanics spesific to Scandinavia. For companies looking to expand or establish their business in Scandinavia, or for investors looking to increase their exposure in the Scandinavian markets, Weidhertz is a solid partner that will assist in making sound business decisions.


The Norwegian market is full of opportunities for the right business concepts. Producing one of the highest GDP per capita in the world Norway is a particularly interesting market for consumer goods and services. The population is quite homogeneous and the country is exceptionally suited for testing new branding concepts or new product introductions. Weidhertz has a particular expertise in this market and can provide consultancy services across various industries.


Being the most populated country in Scandinavia and with a solid GDP per capita, Sweden is an attractive market for most companies looking to expand their business internationally. Weidhertz has a strong network in Sweden and may assist with providing insight and business intelligence across various industries.


For Scandinavians, Denmark is the gateway to continental Europe and conversely to Scandinavia for economies further south. The country is well known for its design heritage and attractive socio-economic culture. Weidhertz can provide valuable advice’s on how to invest or establish/grow in their geographical region.


If you want to do great in business in Finland, you must understand the culture and you should understand the language. Weidhertz can help you with both, and consult on various industry specific issues as well!

Market & industry analysis

The goal of market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of a market and to understand its evolving opportunities and threats as they pertain to the strengths and weaknesses of the company or project. To conduct a thorough market analysis before making investment decisions or embarking on a start-up venture is often essential for success.

Market size & growth rate

Being pertinent to the process of analyzing a market, estimating market size and growth can be a cumbersome and lengthy process. Combining theoretical concepts and first hand knowledge, Weidhertz can provide precise analyses for your project or investment assessment.

Market Trends

With a constant check on the pulse of the Scandinavian markets Weidhertz will be able to provide first-hand information to foreign investors looking to invest or establish businesses. Detecting consumer trends before they become public knowledge is something we are proud of being able to offer our clients.

Market Profitability

As one of various tools Porter’s five forces are used to ascertain the attractiveness and thus profitability of the market analysed. Weidhertz have the skill sets to conduct analyses on various levels.

Success Factors

In order to determine a company or project’s potential for success one must understand the key success factors in the industry. Through methodological analysis processes Weidhertz will be able to provide perspectives on start-ups or well established companies.

Business Transformation

Being able to adapt to change is key in today’s business environment. Digital transformation is changing the business paradigm for many industries, in some so profoundly that incumbents are being totally disrupted.

Weidhertz are on top and ahead of these challenges with skill sets needed to prepare for and adapt to disruptive innovation. We prepare and guide your company through needed transformation phases emerging from new disruptive models.

Investment assessment

In today’s turbulent economic environment it has become increasingly difficult to make sound investment decisions. Based on Weidhertz’ know-how and experience within selected industries we will be able to assist in investment opportunities you seek to pursue in the Nordic region.

The process of crunching numbers is essential when assessing an investment opportunity, but equally important is it to understand the true competitive advantages of the investment scheme or company you want to invest in. Through local knowledge Weidhertz will be able to give you useful perspectives on which to base your investment decisions.


Have you stated your aims and objectives of your investment? Ask us and receive interesting and useful viewpoints to utilize in your assessment.


How do the potential returns compare with other very low risk investment alternatives? We will help you in analysing your investment from a returns perspective.


Because of our wide network within different industries we will be able to suggest viable investment opportunities within the Nordic Region.


What are the associated risks with your investment opportunity? Do factors in the macro environment represent a risk? Weidhertz can analyse the risk profile with the help of local knowledge and insight.

Retail & ecommerce

Weidhertz retail consultancy services focus on Scandinavian retailing and consumer behavior. We help our clients to grow through knowledge, insight and experience. Exposure to the Nordic markets has taught us the nomadic nature of consumers and their apetites for constant news, inspiration, adventure, convenience and of course, fair prices.

The emergence of ecommerce forces traditional retailers to think differently about their business models, and at Weidhertz the concept of Omnichannel is at the center of our consultancy work.

We provide a full eCommerce consultancy, implementation and support service for eCommerce deployments powered by the leading open-source eCommerce platform, Magento. Our expertise goes far beyond pure online sales enablement to include complex Subscription services, online & offline Affiliate marketing capabilities & logistics integration